Dandelion Philosophy

I’ve been wishing on dandelions a lot these past few months.

Make me thinner. *fwoosh*

Let me ace this audition. *fwoosh*

Fix my @#$?%& life!! *fwoosh*

I know that blowing the seeds off of what, in all honesty is just a pretty weed is not going to fix my life’s problems. Yet there’s a little voice in my head that says; but it can’t hurt, can it?

I’m the person who, when given a deal, always says, ”what’s the catch?” Almost all deals have a caveat, right?

So, naturally, there has to be a catch when you wish on a dandelion. Do you have to make sure all the seeds land somewhere with soil? Do you have to blow all the seeds off in one breath? What if some of the seeds come off when you pick the dandelion? And what about dandelions that are half blown away already? Do they count? Does your wish have to be specific, or can you trust the dandelion to grant your wish the way you want it to? Can you wish on more than one dandelion per day? Per week? Just fwooshing the seeds off the dandelion and tossing the stem seems way too easy.

After contemplating this for a while, I decided the following; It doesn’t matter if only a few seeds are gone, or come off when you pick the dandelion, but dandelions with half or more of their seeds gone don’t make a valid wish. Your wish should be relatively specific, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Wishes only count if you blow all the seeds off in one breath, and you have to at least aim for a grassy area where they can grow. You can’t wish on more than one dandelion per day, or your second wish won’t be granted.

That’s my dandelion philosophy, which is what happens when a tween with an overactive imagination contemplates the mysteries of wishing on weeds. Stay tuned for next week’s Birthday Cake Candle Philosophy. (JK, unless you guys actually want that)


I’m Back For Good {Fingers Crossed}

Hello, again, readers! I’m back, hurrah!

A few weeks ago, I ranted for a whole post about my site woes. Then fate decided to be cruel and my site completely crashed. If any of you tried to visit TTC during the last few days, you would have seen ‘Down For Maintenance’ on a white background. Very stimulating.

After a very tense session with tech support (Hey, bro) I’ve finally got TTC back up, and I made a decision. I’m SO DONE with WP.com and all of that. It’s just too nit-picky, hard to configure, and isn’t compatible with Linux. So adios, WP, see you never.

Because of this, if you want to get notifications when I post, you’ll need to put your email into my handy-dandy little widget and whenever I post, you receive an email. Even if you’ve already subscribed, please do so again because I’ve switched email sending plugins, and if you aren’t seeing said notifications, check your spam.

The good news is, I’m back to posting at least once a week. And hopefully, Jeb’s Jog will be getting it’s long awaited next few levels soon.

I missed you guys, and I’m really glad to be back!


Decisions, Decisions

‘Allo, cupcakes! (I’ve been watching way too much British TV, so excuse my accent)

Let’s skip the sugarcoating…this new site is starting to drive me crazy with glitches, and I’m really missing the ease of regular old WP. You guys can’t follow me here, and you don’t get notified when I post.

I’m having a bloody hard time deciding (whoop, there I go again with the British) whether or not to just revert back to traditional WordPress, so I’m enlisting your help, if you’ll accept.

There are three options here.

Option #1. Revert back to TTC’s old address, takingdecake.wordpress.com and maybe at one point get our domain back.

Option #2. Stay here at takingthecake.net and try to get email subscribers and JetPack to work.

Option #3. Start a new blog at a new .wordpress address and start fresh. (I already had some site name ideas)

It’s up to you. Option #1, #2, or #3?

April Recap|My Life Is A Mess

Hello, cupcakes!
Long time no see, eh? I’m a tad frustrated with myself for only posting so little this month; I posted twice and then left you for so long that the lovely Bayance emailed me to ask if I was okay and to make sure I hadn’t been kidnapped.
Every month I always mean to do a recap post, but never do. For some reason my mental calendar thinks every month has 35 days.
However, the last day of April happens to fall on a Monday this year, which is also my most productive blogging evening of the week. So here I am, sipping my high-fat erythritol-sweetened no-caffeine tea (yay for keto!) and typing up a post that should have had 3 similar editions.
Ah, well. Anyway, let’s get started before my tea gets cold.

April Stats


My posting was pretty feeble, sorry guys. Religion and Blogging, however, happens to be my most popular post, actually, I was so sure I was going to be drowning in hate comments. I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone asking respectful questions and being genuinely open and curious about other’s religions. It was honestly really cool to see, I wish more people could be like that.


  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
  • To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler
  • Binge-read Get Fuzzy comics by Darby Conley

Wow, my reading was feeble, save all the comics I read, haha.But you guys have to read One Beautiful Dream, it’s a hilarious, real, and touching book. And yeah, that’s all one big cliche but it’s all true, so go read it.


Legit the same breakfast and lunch every day for most of April (omelet with mushrooms and parsley for breakfast, and salad with salami and cheese for lunch). Until today I had leftover keto blueberry cobbler for breakfast and decided I was super tired of eggs and salads and wouldn’t eat them for a loooong while.

I also ate these delicious keto pizza bite things and several atkins bars, but that’s not super interesting.



You just asked, didn’t you?

Very well, I’ll tell you my story. Actually, before I try and relate all of that, I’ll let Dilbert try and explain it.

All the problems I’ve been having;

  • My brother got a fancy new $80 phone and I’m still stuck with my cheap $40 one (the camera sucks and it’s really slow)
  • My hair won’t do what I want it to do and no matter how much I brush is it won’t stay in a bun and I have this halo of blonde curls by the end of ballet class
  • I am so overbooked I have no time for anything
  • I just realized my arch enemy is a great friend and my best friend is driving me absolutely crazy
  • There’s about to be a lot of drama in my homeschool classes because a boy in my class told me he likes one of my friends and this girl is the youngest in the class and this boy is the oldest and it’s not like he has a little crush on her, he wants to do the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing, which I think will totally freak out my friend, plus relationships at that age (she’s 11, he’s 14) are a-l-w-a-y-s a super bad idea. I legit don’t know what to do because I’m sworn to secrecy on all sides.
  • Several people at my dance school literally just hate me and it’s really hard to dance when you can feel this aura of loathing in the studio
  • I saw the most amazing pair of converse but they were $79, so I can’t get them
  • I have a really big audition coming up on Sunday and I’m about to have a nervous breakdown over it


I told you guys.


Honestly, I don’t know any of what I’m doing next month. My schedule may clear out and I’ll be back to my blogging self again, or my messy life may continue until school is out.

I will try my hardest to get at least a few posts out, such as a question and answer post and one about fashion, but that may be all I can do.

I’ll still be around commenting and reading posts, though, so whatever happens I won’t disappear.

If I do disappear, I’ve probably moved to Canada because the stress is killing me and I’m hanging with Bayance eating takis.

I did get one thing done this month that I’ve been meaning to do however;

My cat is now an internet meme. #yayme.

How’s your life been as of late?







Religion And Blogging

It used to happen occasionally. It seems to happen more frequently now. I’ll check one of my favorite doll/fashion/craft blogs, and there’ll be a new post-something like ”Amazing Grace; Accept Jesus Now!” or ”God Loves YOU”. Usually I skim through these posts, because a) I don’t find these posts interesting, and b) they irritate me. While I am Christian (Roman Catholic) I came to read about dolls/fashion/crafts, not about religion.

I know a lot of bloggers are religious, and that’s cool, so am I. But there’s a line between to witnessing to what you believe and driving people nuts with random posts. (more…)

Liebster Award

Hey, guys! The fabulous Bayance nominated me for the Liebster Award (duh, I assume you read the title). Definitely go check Bayance’s site out if you haven’t, she’s amazing.

I’m not bothering with the rules, because they always follow the same form of ”thankthepersonwhonominatedyoulinktotheirblogandanswerthequestionsblahblahblah” (spellcheck now hates me for that). I’m being a rebel today and because honestly, everyone just wants to read my answers to the questions. (more…)

5 Things Every Blogger Should Know

We all remember starting our blogs, yes? The feeling of securing a name and designing your blog. The excitement, the dreams of one day being a famous blogger. We all started out so ignorant and naive, and now, looking back, we wish we could tell ourselves all those things we should have known. Here are 5 things I think every blogger should know.

  1. Be Consistent. Guys, I cannot stress this enough-it’s hard to read a blog that’s so spontaneous, so have a schedule. And do not follow my exceedingly horrible example (Heh. Heh.).